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Industrial Hemp Farming in Indiana

Earlier this month Indiana Senate Bill 357 was approved (93-4).  This would enable Indiana farmers to legally begin the production of industrial hemp for products such as clothes, rope and fuel, provided the federal government allows it.   While not an overwhelming victory for industrial hemp it is a step in the direction.   Nine other states (California, Colorado, Kentucky, Maine, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, Vermont and West Virginia) have laws that promote the growth of industrial hemp.

26 other states have other bills in their legislation that addresses industrial hemp.  This year could be a huge year for the legalization of industrial hemp. 

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Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day all of the Moms out there.  In honor of Mother's Day I want to share with you a great website that I recently found it's Mother's Organic.  Mother's Organic focuses on organic and eco-friendly products for the whole family.  The everyday typical family.  You'll find everything from clothing to health products to toys to skincare products.  

For Mother's Day they have a special offer of 25% off of "Just for Mom" products between now to May 17, 2013. Go to http://www.mothersorganichealth.com to check out the great products and information.  Let's with us your thoughts.

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Can organic clothing help with eczema?

So, my youngest son has been battling eczema for a couple of months now.  It started with a little on his check and then next thing we knew it was all over his body. 


In an effort to find the cause the doctor recommend we eliminating this and eliminating that.  My wife revamped her entire diet.  No dairy, no wheat, it still didn't get rid of the eczema completely.  We also tried creams, lotions and ointments. It's finally under control or as at least for the most part.


In reality it's not one thing that caused it and it wasn't one thing that fixed.  I did notice that when he wears clothing made from organic cotton, the eczema on his body improved.  If you have a child with sensitive skin consider organic fibers.  Conventional cotton is processed and covered with harmful chemicals.

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Why Organic Clothing?

We are just your average family. Two kids with one on the way. We have always tried to make decision that we good for the evironment. You know, stuff like recycle our papers and plastics and buying organic foods when possible. The one thing that we really didn't put much thought into was clothing. I started to looking to the benefits of organic clothing.  There is a lot of facts and myths about organic clothing.  The benefits range from environmental to health related.


Silly-Goose.com was created to be a platform to explore alternatives to environmentally unfriendly clothing.  Join me on this journey.  Our children deserves products that are free of chemicals.



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Feature item of the week!

Just in time for summer.  Navy strip unisex romper.